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(1) Between 6/20/16 and 12/13/16, former MI6 agent STEELE compiled an intel dossier establishing TRUMP and allies had committed treason.

(2) STEELE first worked for anti-Trump GOP operatives, but most of his research was done for free due to his concern for the intel on TRUMP.

(3) Between 6/1 and 11/18, parts of the dossier were variously held by anti-Trump GOPers, the MI6, FBI friends of Steele, and David Corn.

(4) During this time–largely pre-election–there is no evidence that any of the dossier’s sources had been identified or in any way harmed.

(5) From 11/18 to 12/9, John MCCAIN was also aware of the dossier. During this period, none of the dossier’s sources were blown or harmed.

(6) Between 11/18 and 12/9 MCCAIN acquired the dossier. The Guardian reports MCCAIN didn’t share it–to avoid looking vengeful toward TRUMP.

(7) On 12/9, MCCAIN gave the dossier to COMEY. Presumably, COMEY thereafter shared it with other agents at the FBI.

(8) The NEW YORK FIELD OFFICE of the FBI is known to have illegally leaked confidential information to TRUMP advisers GIULIANI and PRINCE

(9) GIULIANI and PRINCE–a TRUMP “shadow adviser” and brother to DEVOS–have admitted to having active FBI sources.

(10) Former TRUMP National Security Adviser Michael FLYNN was just found to have active (and paid) FBI sources also.

(11) Within seventeen days of the FBI having possession of Steele’s dossier, the chief source behind the dossier had been murdered by PUTIN.

(12) On 12/26, the top aide and most trusted advisor of SECHIN, head of Russia’s oil/gas company, was found murdered in the back of his car.

(13) The deceased man, former FSB agent Oleg EROVINKIN, was the trusted “go-between between SECHIN and PUTIN,” also both former FSB agents.

(14) The dossier accused SECHIN of offering TRUMP, via PAGE, money from Russia’s oil company ROSNEFT in exchange for lifting U.S. sanctions.

(15) The theory PUTIN helped elect TRUMP and offered money via SECHIN for lifting sanctions (allowing a ROSNEFT pipeline) is “#Russiagate.”

(16) The death of SECHIN aide/STEELE source EROVINKIN was reported as a heart attack before an autopsy had occurred.

(17) By 12/29, outlets reporting EROVINKIN died in the back of his car via heart attack were withdrawing the claim.

(18) While news of the death wouldn’t break widely until late January, it’s reasonable to assume Steele had heard about it by early January.

(19) The reason for this is that former FSB and ROSNEFT man EROVINKIN was–as later became public–the chief source for the STEELE dossier.

(20) As there was no reason for STEELE to think on 12/26 the FSB had his dossier, there was no reason for him to think EROVINKIN was killed.

(21) On 1/10, BUZZFEED published the STEELE dossier. Steele was quickly outed as author by the WSJ, endangering him.

(22) The BUZZFEED publication also would’ve confirmed for STEELE that EROVINKIN had indeed been identified and thereafter murdered by PUTIN.

(23) On 1/12, STEELE and his family abandoned their home in Surrey with no indication of whether they’d ever return.

(24) By 1/12, British media had established Steele’s strong reputation in the IC as former Russia-desk head for MI6.

(25) Meanwhile, U.S. media did little research on STEELE–and indulged claims by TRUMP that STEELE was a “failed spy” peddling “fake news.”

(26) By 1/27, it had been leaked that EROVINKIN, a “go-between for PUTIN and SECHIN,” was a primary dossier source.

(27) The news of EROVINKIN being linked to the dossier within a matter of days increased the credibility of the dossier for law enforcement.

(28) On 2/11 CBS said “it’s gaining credibility among law enforcement–even for people who discounted it initially.”

(29) On 2/27 reports placed Steele in Cambridge after 7 weeks without a sighting, though he remained away from home.

(30) On 3/1 it was revealed the FBI had enough confidence in the dossier that it offered to pay STEELE to expand it.

(31) On 3/2, SENATE DEMS contacted STEELE via friends and offered to help him testify before their Intel Committee.

(32) On 3/7, STEELE emerged from hiding and told the press, “I won’t be making any further statements at this time.”

(33) A reasonable speculation is that STEELE’s emergence from hiding was prompted at least in part by U.S. assurances he’d be foregrounded.

(34) The more attention U.S. officials gave STEELE, and the more legitimacy their statements lent to his work, the safer he was from PUTIN.

(35) On 3/17 it was confirmed that a STEELE source, MILLIAN, met with former MANAFORT boss (DERIPASKA) in June 2016.

(36) DERIPASKA, a close ally of PUTIN, had paid MANAFORT $10 million annually from 2006 to 2009 to shill for Russia.

(37) MANAFORT, whose current tie to DERIPASKA/PUTIN is unknown, has now been found to have laundered his Russia pay.

(38) The MILLIAN/DERIPASKA meet further confirmed the dossier originated from sources in a position to know the movements of TRUMP advisers.

(39) On 3/20, the HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE met publicly with COMEY. The Dems cited STEELE’s dossier repeatedly.

(40) Within 72 hours the Dems had indicated they intended to ask STEELE to testify. Citing his dossier was likely intended to keep him safe.

(41) The likely Dem theory: if the dossier’s content is not just public but made public by Congress, PUTIN gains nothing in killing STEELE.

(42) On 3/23, Rep. Himes (D-CT) of the HOUSE INTEL COMMITTEE told CBS, “We’ll want to talk to Christopher Steele.”

(43) Himes’ statement confirmed the House as well as the Senate was interested in STEELE and had a new level of confidence he would testify.

(44) In the past (e.g. after the 2004 election) minority parties in Congressional committees have scheduled informal meetings for witnesses.

(45) So even when the GOP refuses to let STEELE formally testify, HOUSE AND SENATE DEMS can (and say they will) schedule informal testimony.

(46) The benefit of informal testimony is that Dems can televise the testimony so long as STEELE agrees to discuss no classified U.S. intel.

(47) So there’s every reason to believe that (a) STEELE has strong sources, (b) PUTIN won’t kill him, and (c) he will soon testify publicly.

(48) For all the lies told by TRUMP and ALLIES about both STEELE and his dossier, in fact virtually none of it has been disproven to date.

(49) E.g., PAGE has confessed to ROSNEFT meets; the ROSNEFT sale was as described; COHEN was a courier as described.

(50) In sum, the IC and Democrats increasingly think the STEELE dossier and #Russiagate theory are accurate. If so, TRUMP will be impeached.

(NOTES) Dossier claims about TRUMP’s 2013 Moscow trip are still being investigated, but we know TRUMP lied about it.

(NOTES 2) This thread implicitly incorporates all info from the thread on the “Mayflower Speech” TRUMP gave in 2016. (more…)